Our Vision and Mission

Everything starts with a dream...but the dream here, even in the worldwide cultural explosion that engulfs our time and demands our attention is headily ambitious. Inspired initially by an established set of compositions by musician and singer Phil Brown, the notion is to form a recording and performance troupe unlike anything in the world. Indeed the group members and management team are from all over the globe. 

What we aim to do on this ambitious project is to keep you advised and involved as the exercise seeks and attains support and status. In times of less sophisticated communication, groups such as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith fell victim to daft rumours, untruths and a phoney mythology that - like the genie escaped from the bottle - devalued their impact and even their art. We can sidestep all that. 

The Right Amount Of Wrong are veterans but not doppelgangers. It's as disparate a range of characters as you could invent. Hence there seems no limit to their scope as players, singers, interpreters. On our site we can tell you each of their backgrounds but not what they will ultimately produce as the project develops.  Even at this early stage, we do not fear the arrival of the usual enemies of creativity - namely jealousy, selfishness and greed - as age and time can and do give us stability, confidence and trust. It's a different kind of focus and we hope our music will connect with you, stay with you, EXCITE you!

Watch this space for more, as it happens.


The Right Amount Of Wrong is a unique, multi-platform project that centers around a very talented and experienced group of music artists who have impressed in the music industry for a long time.


The project is led and anchored by virtuoso guitar tonemeister, singer and songwriter Phil Brown.  He has enlisted a group of musical artists that bring an incredible wealth of experience and musical talent to the project.  

There is a history here, an imprint citing all those influences along the way with the many hours and bands we’ve all played in over the years. ”

— Phil Brown

The Right Amount Of Wrong is a world class project that has far reaching implications based on solid business models. 

We trace our roots to the very heart of musical greatness.  We’ve written for or performed with music greats like Otis Redding, Peggy Lee, Little Feat, Cher, Peter Frampton, Kix, Pat Benatar, Willie D & Tower of Power, Doro Pesch, KBC, Ace Freely, Paul Barrere, Fiona, Bonnie Tyler, Buster Brown, Steve Perry and Kim Carnes just to name a few. 


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