Just what the music world needs now! Resilient, musical brilliance sharing their musical calling with others. Nice! ”

Mick Martin, from Mick Martin's Blues Party - Show -

The Artists

Phil Brown


The music scene has always had mercurial characters who somehow - and maybe against all odds - make a difference.  Often such creatives have to wait for the world to catch up with them.  And we're talking decades, in some instances.   


There can be few players, writers and singers with the broad studio and live experience of Phil Brown.  He stepped up to help Little Feat play on when fate took the great Lowell George.


Originally from New Mexico and now based in Nashville via Colorado, Austin, Malibu and elsewhere, Brown's guitar prowess, writing inspiration and acquired music production have over the years benefited Cher, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Carnes and many more.


Yet, his profile has never been as high as as it should be.  Leading The Right Amount Of Wrong to their destiny should change all this, as a hand-picked ensemble combine talents and share the spirit of the project.  


When in 2003 one of Brown's albums found its way to a musician/radio presenter in England and first European airplay commenced, three main reactions ensued. Male listeners were taken by the linear, explosive Jeff Beck-tinged guitar work and original arrangements, female listeners asked who the heck that dry-voiced vocalist was..and a further slew simply asked "Who on Earth wrote these songs?".


Telling that it was the same guy on all three fronts fuelled interest and requests for more....


Climb aboard now as Phil forges ahead..there is much excitement to be shared..

Stanley Sheldon


Bass stylist Stanley Sheldon is an educator, session player and music historian who also collaborated with Cheech and Chong (Up In Smoke), Lou Gramm, Warren Zefron and Delbert McClinton to cite a few.

It is his fluid and punchy bass that anchored the great Tommy Bolin’s “Teaser” album and the internationally successful “Frampton Comes Alive” on which English guitar ace Peter Frampton moved on from ‘Humble Pie’ to create endless melodic tension in the studio and on stage.

Among the first on the block to use the fretless bass in pop-rock settings, Sheldon’s tone, phrasing and self-editing remains the template and inspiration for many a bass player.


Pete Sargeant


Pete Sargeant is a self-taught instrumentalist and started singing when he "couldn't find a reliable singer". Born into the Blues Boom in London, Pete's strongest influence is US West Coast music.


In recent years he has played with members of The Blues Project, Steve Miller Band and The Fish.


A long stint in radio and TV comedy writing (Spitting Image, Not The Nine o'Clock News with Rowan Atkinson) has left him with a thirst for news that can be used for comedy.


He currently writes and interviews for the UK's  Blues Matters magazine and also runs an all-music review site.



Born into a showbiz life to English parents, film and stage actress Hattie Jacques and leading TV comedy lead John Le Mesurier, Robin was surely meant for the performing life.


His guitar skills have led to him playing on the road with the mightly ROD STEWART for many years, as well as, JEFF BECK, RONNIE WOOD, ELTON JOHN, The London Symphony Orchestra and Keifer Sutherland to name only a few. 


Moreover, Le Mesurier lent his axe power and versatility over the decades to the great French rock artist Johnny Hallyday. His strong chording and snake-like leads give him an utterly distinctive studio and live presence. The band’s material will bring the sparks from his fingers!

Stu Box


Australian born Box is several things at once—guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer and entrepreneur. His keenness fuels his two key passions, namely music and inventing.


You could term this creative restlessness, a facet of Miles Davis of course, not to mention Jimi Hendrix. Stu was just six when his parents gave him his first guitar. He has since studied and worked with many respected artists.


With a degree in music improvisation under his belt, Stu has created more than a dozen albums in addition to playing as a session guitarist, and he has toured multiple times across Australia with trips to the  USA and various continents. Stu has played with a myraid of musicians/bands  such as Bobby Kimball, The Circle, Stone Nation, The Twisted Hippies, Energy, Janette Geri & Rory Ellis.


Box joined forces with Larry Corryelle in 1990 followed by appearances on MTV and CNN USA in 1991. Box formed the band “Voices,” in 1992,  featuring Bobby Kimball, Glenn Hughes & Virgil Donati & also recorded with Virgil Donati & Jack Jones, toured with the Australian Doors & Rory Ellis from 2000-2002.


Stu was the third Australian to ever be featured in Guitar Player magazine after David Briggs & Frank Gambale in 1989, was featured in Guitar World magazine and Guitarist UK magazine in 1990 followed by German guitarist and Japanese magazines in 1991.


As an entrepreneur, Box has created and owns a successful music development and manufacturing business which boasts over twenty unique products that are successfully distributed and sold across Australia, the USA and Europe,  BoxGuitars.com.

The project welcomes his input!

Jamie Hunting


What would a bass player garner from international touring and recording with the likes of Eddy Money, Jon Butcher, Fiona, Flesh & Blood, David Lee Roth, The Outpatience (Guns and Roses), Union, Vince Neil and The Who’s Roger Daltrey to name a few?

As an American bassist, Hunting’s achievements and own style, the answer seems to be feel, skill, a range of tones AND the ability to serve the song.

Add to this Jamie’s experience of appearing in MTV videos and TV shows, including Jimmy Kimmel live with Roger Daltrey, American Bandstand, Solid Gold and you will experience the magic that many players envy creatively, and as part of his DNA, Jamie has a long history of working with producers such as Nile Rogers, as well as, recording and liaisons with other artists on various projects which augers well for this one.

Wally Stocker


The Babys always seemed a curious name for a group purveying well-formed songs with sophisticated playing and a mature grasp of dynamics.

Nonetheless English guitar stylist, Wally Stocker, found himself welcomed into the fold a few years into their arrival as power pop originators. Wally’s path to this role? Remarkably similar to many prominent English players and an early fascination with the addictive twang of Hank Marvin & the Shadows, growing familiarity with scales, effective chord construction and being surrounded by the music of enduring instrumentalists and songwriters including Peter Green, Paul Kossoff, Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimmy Page, Leslie West, Gary Moore and Johnny Winter.

From the age of seventeen and a co-founder of several groups, Wally has played with the likes of Rod Stewart, Humble Pie and Air Supply in addition to stints with The Babys which is now based in California.

Rob Thompson


Rob has enjoyed a distinctive presence on the Australian music scene for over three decades.


He was an institution on the Melbourne club scene through the mid 80"s and early 90’s fronting heavy metal stalwarts Powersurge, and later, Sweet Cyanide, showcasing his weighty vocal tone and delivery.


Renowned for his dynamic, and sometimes flamboyant stage presence and unique voice and guitar abilities, the new millennium saw Rob join Melbourne based metal outfit, Pegazus, as lead vocalist and song writer, releasing both a studio and live album.


Rob has been influenced by a diverse array of artists who consistently offered him the passion and belief required to be an outstanding performer

Pete Brown


It was, in fact, drummer Ginger Baker who originally suggested that his friend and poet, Pete Brown, come up with some lyrics for new songs being created by

bassist and singer Jack Bruce. Hence, a lifelong fruitful working relationship was formed which lasted until Bruce's passing.


The brief life, but incandescent work of CREAM bears witness to their unique and harmonically ambitious fire. Live, and in the studio, the trio blazed new trails. Pete co-wrote classics such as “SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE,” “I  FEEL FREE,” “WHITE ROOM” and many more.


Pete also fronted his own jazz, blues, funk fusion band called BATTERED ORNAMENTS and the quirky PIBLOKTO. Today, Pete continues multi-tasking with music, poetry, film-making and writing. 

Bobby Berge


Bobby has toured with TOMMY BOLIN and ZEPHYR, 1970-71. Played drums on the " Goin Back to Colorado " album. He toured and recorded demos with TOMMY BOLIN and ENERGY from 1971-73 as well.

Toured with BUDDY MILES Band 1975-76. Played drums on BUDDY'S two albums, " More Miles per Gallon " and Bicentennial : A Gathering of Tribes ".

Joined The TOMMY BOLIN Band, Jan. 1975 and played drums on 2 songs on Tommy's TEASER album and most of PRIVATE EYES.

Toured and recorded demos with BILLY RYAN and BLACK IRISH, 1978-1980. Played drums on 2 demos which were used on Billy's self titled album. Since 1996 Bobby has been involved in the annual TOMMY BOLIN Tribute Concerts.